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"Covert Movements (Instrumentals)" album

2009 - Instrumental version of the album


"Scorched Earth (Earthstar Mix)" single

Featuring Rain Phoenix, a different mix of the track taken from the album "Covert Movements".


"Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)" single

Featuring Karen Grant and DJ Collage on vocals, this is a new version of the track from "Covert Movements," remixed by The Angel


"Covert Movements" album

With her unique blend of drum ‘n bass, dub, hip hop rhythms and live instrumentation, producer, The Angel brings us a second album of 60 Channels’ urban electronic soundscapes. "Covert Movements" interweaves her evocative lyrics with her signature sound, enlisting vocalists Angie Hart, Navigator, Karen Grant, DJ Collage, Rain Phoenix and Monday Michiru.


"Supa Crucial Drum ‘N Bass Remixes Vol 1" album

A collection of remixes compiled by The Angel, pulling a number of 60 Channels tracks into this collection. Features remixes by E-Sassin, Vinyl Syndicate, Origin, Skyler Mic and More Rockers, among others.


"Tuned In Turned On" album

First album released under the name 60 Channels. Available on double gatefold vinyl and cd. Features guest vocalists Angie Hart, Navigator, Monday Michiru and Cokni O'Dire. Vinyl includes bonus mix of "Ride With The Flow" featuring Navigator.

"Give Me Your Love" ep

This 60 Channels releaase appeared on cd with just one cut from the album "Tuned In Turned On" and four new cuts. The EP includes special guest appearances. "Give Me Your Love", a cover of the Curtis Mayfielf track, features Angeie Hart from Frente!. London MC, Navigator (The Freestylers and Asian Dub Foundation) takes the mic on "Conscious Reality". The third guest is Tre Hardson from The Pharcyde delivering vocals on "How It Goes Down". The other new tracks feature vocals by The Angel.

"High Time " – "Give Me Your Live" white label 12"

"High Time (Vinyl Syndicate Remix)" coupled with "Give Me Your Live (E-Sassin Remix)" as a white label 12"


"Ride With The Flow" 12"

Side A. 1 Album Mix. 2 Dred Flimstone Remix. Most recently known for his work with Gregory Isaacs on the album "Dance Curfew" (Acid Jazz/Hollywood), Dread Flimstone turned in a great mix with some serious flava.
Side AA. More Rockers Remix. From the sometime Smith " Mighty crew. A banging dnb remix.