“How it Goes Down (feat. Slimkid3) [The Angel remix]”

Coming soon, a brand new remix by The Angel of the 60 Channels track, “How it Goes Down.”

Once label mates on Delicious Vinyl, producer The Angel (aka 60 Channels) and Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde have recorded together on various records since the nineties. Slimkid3 (aka Tre Hardson) is a featured vocalist on The Angel’s “Make It Betta” and performed with her on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilburn. And in turn, The Angel has produced songs for Tre Hardson including “10 Million Ways” and “Get Ya Down.” This remix of “How It Goes Down” gives what was originally a jungle tune on the 60 Channels “Give Me Your Love” EP, a fresh downtempo anthemic treatment. Slimkid3 is currently on tour with The Pharcyde in the US.

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