“How it Goes Down” feat. Slimkid3

RELEASE DATE: July 29th 2022
60 Channels “How it Goes Down” feat Slimkid3 first appeared as a jungle track on the  1999 EP, “Give Me Your Love.”

Fresh for 2022, The Angel has given the song a downtempo, cinematic remix. Manipulating the distinctive vocals of Slimkid3 aka Tre Hardson, (The Angel’s one time Delicious Vinyl label mate and regular musical collaborator), has turned the upbeat, feel good original into a downtempo gritty anthem.

Slimkid3 is currently touring with the The Far Side, formerly of West Coast legends The Pharcyde.

  • Fresh Squeezed Track of the Day

    Fresh Squeezed Track of the Day

    On “The Nic Harcourt Morning Show with Jet” the new 60 Channels single, “How it Goes Down,” featuring Slimkid3 will be the Fresh Squeezed Track of the Day.

    Great to have 60 Channels featured on independent local radio, 88.5.

    Listen between 8.15 am and 10.15 am on 88.5 fm here in the Southland, or on the web here (after a short Subaru ad!).

  • “How it Goes Down (feat. Slimkid3) [The Angel remix]”

    “How it Goes Down (feat. Slimkid3) [The Angel remix]”

    Coming soon, a brand new remix by The Angel of the 60 Channels track, “How it Goes Down.”

    Once label mates on Delicious Vinyl, producer The Angel (aka 60 Channels) and Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde have recorded together on various records since the nineties. Slimkid3 (aka Tre Hardson) is a featured vocalist on The Angel’s “Make It Betta” and performed with her on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilburn. And in turn, The Angel has produced songs for Tre Hardson including “10 Million Ways” and “Get Ya Down.” This remix of “How It Goes Down” gives what was originally a jungle tune on the 60 Channels “Give Me Your Love” EP, a fresh downtempo anthemic treatment. Slimkid3 is currently on tour with The Pharcyde in the US.

  • Crash (TV Series): Soundtrack Album

    Crash (TV Series): Soundtrack Album

    The 60 Channels track “Black Rush” was featured in episode 12 of the TV series “Crash.” The episode “Ring Dings,” closes with “Black Rush” featuring vocals by Angie Hart, a track taken from the album “Covert Movements.” The track is now available on the “Crash” soundtrack album.

  • Covert Movements (Instrumentals)

    Covert Movements (Instrumentals)

    Now available is the full instrumental version of “Covert Movements.” The album is formatted just like the original, replacing the vocal tracks with entirely instrumental versions.

  • Scorched Earth (Earthstar Mix)

    Scorched Earth (Earthstar Mix)

    March 10th, 2009, sees this track from the album “Covert Movements,” stripped down to reveal an earthy and mellow version featuring Rain Phoenix on vocals. This release accompanies the release of the instrumental version of the album, “Covert Movements.”

  • Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)

    Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)

    Featuring Karen Grant and DJ Collage on vocals, is given a fresh look to accompany the release of the newly available “Covert Movements (Instrumentals)” album.

  • Covert Movements

    Covert Movements

    The second full-length album by The Angel aka 60 Channels, featuring longtime vocal collaborators Angie Hart, Navigator and Monday Michiru with new-comers, Karen Grant, Rain Phoenix and DJ Collage.

  • Tuned In Turned On

    Tuned In Turned On

    First full length album released by The Angel under her 60 Channels aka. Alongside The Angel, featured guest vocalists include Angie Hart, Monday Michiru, and Cokni O’Dire.

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